Why You Should Advertise Your Business On social Media During Covid-19 Pandemic

Getting Bored in Lockdown hmmm…….

Certainly this is the worst time world is going through. People around the globe are fighting to survive with this adverse situation.

World has built its economy by spending years but this pandemic has destroyed world economy in just months.

One business Aspect of covid-19 lockdown

Businesses are affected very badly during lockdown. Demand has been lost except some prerequisite things. Demand and supply chain has been affected too.

Gross Domestic Production of many countries dropped to Negatives result of shutting down many factories due to pandemic.

Many Small Businesses existences are endanger due to less sales. World is running toward a economic depression due to lock down.

Not Just Small Business but even giants Business are facing great losses.

Amazon Facing operation cost losses for international business segment races  to $398 million dollars in first Quarter 2020 compared to $90 million in first Quarter of 2019.(Amazon India Urging to Indian government to deliver all products(not just essential products as India Government has allowed to deliver only essential items)—> Source

 Other Business Aspect of covid-19

But if you are a start or small business owner (or planning become a business owner)then this is the best time to expand your reach to people.

Through online platforms here are reasons why this is the best time

Most of the people around the globe has been locked in their houses and spending their most of the time on internet

SimilarWeb and Apptopia, two online data providers of United States reveals that our behaviour has shifted to austere as we are pushing ourselves towards devices

According To reports internet And Web Browsing with increased by 70% during the covid-19 pandemic.—–> Source

 Reasons with Stats (Most visited websites & Apps during Pandemic)

Facebook- Facebook (average daily traffic =170 M)Uses has increased by +27%

Netflix-  Netflix(average daily traffic =26 M) Uses has increased by + +16.0%

YouTube.com- Youtube(average daily traffic =200 M) Uses has increased by +15.3%

(Most visited Apps during Pandemic)

Facebook- Facebook (average daily traffic = 348M) Uses has increased by +1.1%

Netflix-  Netflix(average daily traffic = 120M ) Uses has increased by +0.3%

YouTube.com- Youtube(average daily traffic = 32 M) Uses has increased by -4.5%

Platform You Can Opt For Online Marketing

Stats by statista.com/

Social Media –  Social Media always a great choice among the businesses to get reach to their potential. But Lockdown can be opportunity for you to engage people with your product by getting some great idea of creating some engaging content.

Engaging people to your product centric content can give your product an identity among  the social media users. According to Reports

social media engagement has increased by 61 per cent over normal usage rates during pandemic time, so if you have business or brand pages on social media keep them updated and share some engaging and attention drawing content.

Whatsapp – According to report whatsapp experiencing a great hike in usages whatsapp has experienced 27% increase in usage at early phase of lockdown after that usage has increased to 41 % all across the world.

So watsapp could be a great option to market your product and services.

Instagram Facebook Engagement has spike up during the covid-19 Pandemic Facebook said messaging across Facebook showing growth of more than 50%. Video calls, messaging has rise.

People in India Sending 4 hours daily on Facebook, Insta & Watsapp

People want to get information about pandemic therefore a surge is noticed for news channel you can contact them directly to advertise.

 Conclusion:  Difficulties comes with opportunities”  So this is the best time to advertise more effectively on different platform so more people can interact with your products and services.

Rahul Kumar Singh

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